Traveling by air is perhaps the fastest and most convenient way. Whether you are traveling for recreation or business, all flights serve the same purpose. The difference in this mode of travel mainly comes in with the type of flight service you choose. Many online travel agencies help ease the flight search process however most are often in the same ballpark in as far as price is concerned. Even if you know exactly where and when you want to fly, there are some factors that you ought to consider before choosing the best websites for booking a flight. These factors may range from date, price and times to airline, fare class and so much more. As you surf the web for Airfare considers these 10 best and worst Airfare search sites.

Before we embark on analysis the flight websites from the worst to the best; there are aggregators websites, OTAs (online travel agencies) and booking engines (Hotwire, Priceline and Expedia). Aggregator site refers to the sites that do not book directly but rather search other online travel agencies (OTAs). As such, some aggregators and OTAs are efficient and effective when booking than others. Below is an analysis from the best OTAs, aggregators and booking search engines – a courtesy of our friend over at richmond bc moving company whom also owns a couple of travel agencies in Vancouver BC.

Top 5 Best Airfare Sites


As an aggregator site, the site offers well-displayed graphics that the user finds easy to use. Apart from the user interface display, pricing scores only average

Pros: User-friendly website, fare alert and vacation packages

Cons: Never the cheapest; agonizing email sign-up window

iv) Kayak is the most famous aggregator because it keeps on offered the cheapest transatlantic flights. Furthermore, the site ‘Flex Searches’ pre or pro travel dates to show you the fares.

Pros: Free alert emails and vacation packages

Cons: No exclusive details with itineraries cities


Combining the IATA Software flight with wizardry algorithmic has helped produce a fast and reliable search engine that has the ability to root for good fares. The “Explore” allows users to select two major cities and it shows you the best fares trends.

Pros: Fastest, detailed filters and mentions amenities

Cons: Poor searches on softball searches


Skyscanner first included low-cost carriers and up to date have maintained the lowest prices available. The aggregator site has a tagline “where do I go cheap?”

Pros: Best at ferreting lowest fares, displays month whole of fare, fare alert emails

Cons: Not good on direct flights, annoys with sponsored results

AirCanada – One of the best airlines in North America


This aggregator site remains the best and most affordable airfares site. site offers shortcuts to the cheapest and best overall results. This is in addition to a three-month fare calendar to help you see if another day would be cheaper. The site doesn’t use cookies to track users. Besides, the site filters by the airport and alerts users by the airport. The “flight insight” feature gives Intel on prices.

Pros: Smart user interface

Cons: face extreme competition on price

5 Worst Airfare Sites

v) Priceline is an OTAs site. Analysis of the sites, there is no guaranteed lowest price but instead, you will find worst fares hiked seven times in over 25 searches. Priceline’s tagline “Express Deals” offers an opaque fare where you only get to pick travel dates and airports. What worse is that there are no airlines or flight times.

Pros: If you are patient enough; the opaque fare deals may save you up to 40%

Cons: Priceline is middy to poor on price; do not include low-cost carriers

iv) Expedia/Travelocity/ Orbitz is abooking engine; now own the former big three search engine. These are and Within the three sites, you will find similar lousy prices.At some point, Expedia overcharged a direct flight from Philadelphia to Rome at $2,016.Worst enough they could not find $591 fare requiring a plane change in Madrid. Seemingly their strategy is poor.

Pros: Fare inclusive baggage fees and alert e-mails to notify travelers of better deals

Cons: Expedia pricing offers fair to poor prices in major routes and have limited filters


Currently, is an online travel agency (OTAs)that stood out when they cut the prices off Air China from LAX to Hong Kong. The site is bashful with constant interstitial ads, popups and uncountable sidebar boxes.

Pros: Includes baggage fees and fare alert emails in case of offers and vacation package

Cons: Limited filters, provides average to poor results

ii) SeatGuru

This online booking agency leverages deep knowledge on plane configurations and therefore offers excellent details on amenities. Indeed, rates these services on a “G-Factor” comfort rating. The rated services are Wi-Fi, seatback TV, legroom and so on). However when it comes to pricing is an average site.

Pros: Wonderful details on bag fees and amenities and informed amenities rating

Con: Poor pricing performance


This online travel agency informs any site on the last-minute international fare with their “
“Super Saver” opaque fees to blind clients.

Pros: Opaque fares, seat selection map, vacation package and details on baggage deals

Cons: Not good at finding the best prices