How to Find Cheap Hotels Online

Assuming that hotel rooms’ prices are fixed is the expensive guesstimate one would make. If you book hotels right; huge savings are available on rooms. On the other hand, hotels sell their under booked rooms at a lesser than their standardized prices. While the internet is flush with hotel discounts websites, figuring out sites offering best deals regarding prices is tricky. Through shopping or working directly with hotels will help you find special promotions and discounts and make the stay at your favorite hotel affordable.

Are cheap hotel rated?

Cheap hotels are rated online. In this age of e-commerce, customers freely give out their reviews, and the reviews are particularly the best way to understand previous users rate the hotel from their experience. Thus it is advisable that you go through various websites to ensure that you get reviews. You will get the best hotel since it will be full of best customer service experiences.

6 Tips on finding Cheap Hotels Online

While searching to find the best hotels online, the best method to it yourself is by using the right search tools. Be advised to search an aggregate of three to five sites since they search all over the web for hotel deals and displays them for you to browse. That does not mean all the aggregate sites will display similar information. Be sure to look out for 3 to 5 more sites before booking the best deals.

The other tip when finding a cheap hotel online is by browsing the local booking sites for international trips. If you are planning for a foreign trip, search online for aggregate sites in the destined country. This is because major chain hotels may not list their rooms on international websites. Instead, look at local-run aggregate sites for best deals.

The third tip that is helpful when finding the cheap online hotel is to set price alerts for your intended travel dates since various sites have alerts that allow you to set alerts that notify you in case prices shoots or go down. Set the alerts in various sites and watch out closely before you book. You might snag a deal.

The fourth tip when finding cheap online hotels is to buy another person’s reservation. There are sites allowing reservation from people since some hotels do not allow for canceling of a booked hotel. Such reservations are hugely discounted.

The fifth tip when finding cheap hotels online checks if your credit rewards program for discounts. In case you use your credit card rewards program, check if they partner with hotel chains. In most cases the hotels and credit card companies partners to award you discounted room fares and increased reward points via your rewards program.

The next tip is making reservations for your hotel’s in low periods. Because some hotels strictly offer lower prices on the weekend if they target business travelers weekdays; your book at the hotel on weeks downtime save premium rates.


To find cheap hotels online, you need to go through 3 to 5 aggregate sites; taking time at each to analyze the hotel that appears top rated severally. As such that will be the best hotel, you contemplated finding. Using the above tips, you will be able to find hotels at any part of the globe stress-free and an affordable price. Whereas some people might think reasonable offers low quality, it is exactly the opposite when it comes to hotels. For instance, because Hilton Garden Inn books business travelers on weekdays, you may find booking on weekends to be heavily discounted. That NOW becomes affordable!

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Top 5 Best and Worst Airfare Search Sites

Traveling by air is perhaps the fastest and most convenient way. Whether you are traveling for recreation or business, all flights serve the same purpose. The difference in this mode of travel mainly comes in with the type of flight service you choose. Many online travel agencies help ease the flight search process however most are often in the same ballpark in as far as price is concerned. Even if you know exactly where and when you want to fly, there are some factors that you ought to consider before choosing the best websites for booking a flight. These factors may range from date, price and times to airline, fare class and so much more. As you surf the web for Airfare considers these 10 best and worst Airfare search sites.

Before we embark on analysis the flight websites from the worst to the best; there are aggregators websites, OTAs (online travel agencies) and booking engines (Hotwire, Priceline and Expedia). Aggregator site refers to the sites that do not book directly but rather search other online travel agencies (OTAs). As such, some aggregators and OTAs are efficient and effective when booking than others. Below is an analysis from the best OTAs, aggregators and booking search engines – a courtesy of our friend over at richmond bc moving company whom also owns a couple of travel agencies in Vancouver BC.

Top 5 Best Airfare Sites


As an aggregator site, the site offers well-displayed graphics that the user finds easy to use. Apart from the user interface display, pricing scores only average

Pros: User-friendly website, fare alert and vacation packages

Cons: Never the cheapest; agonizing email sign-up window

iv) Kayak is the most famous aggregator because it keeps on offered the cheapest transatlantic flights. Furthermore, the site ‘Flex Searches’ pre or pro travel dates to show you the fares.

Pros: Free alert emails and vacation packages

Cons: No exclusive details with itineraries cities


Combining the IATA Software flight with wizardry algorithmic has helped produce a fast and reliable search engine that has the ability to root for good fares. The “Explore” allows users to select two major cities and it shows you the best fares trends.

Pros: Fastest, detailed filters and mentions amenities

Cons: Poor searches on softball searches


Skyscanner first included low-cost carriers and up to date have maintained the lowest prices available. The aggregator site has a tagline “where do I go cheap?”

Pros: Best at ferreting lowest fares, displays month whole of fare, fare alert emails

Cons: Not good on direct flights, annoys with sponsored results

AirCanada – One of the best airlines in North America


This aggregator site remains the best and most affordable airfares site. site offers shortcuts to the cheapest and best overall results. This is in addition to a three-month fare calendar to help you see if another day would be cheaper. The site doesn’t use cookies to track users. Besides, the site filters by the airport and alerts users by the airport. The “flight insight” feature gives Intel on prices.

Pros: Smart user interface

Cons: face extreme competition on price

5 Worst Airfare Sites

v) Priceline is an OTAs site. Analysis of the sites, there is no guaranteed lowest price but instead, you will find worst fares hiked seven times in over 25 searches. Priceline’s tagline “Express Deals” offers an opaque fare where you only get to pick travel dates and airports. What worse is that there are no airlines or flight times.

Pros: If you are patient enough; the opaque fare deals may save you up to 40%

Cons: Priceline is middy to poor on price; do not include low-cost carriers

iv) Expedia/Travelocity/ Orbitz is abooking engine; now own the former big three search engine. These are and Within the three sites, you will find similar lousy prices.At some point, Expedia overcharged a direct flight from Philadelphia to Rome at $2,016.Worst enough they could not find $591 fare requiring a plane change in Madrid. Seemingly their strategy is poor.

Pros: Fare inclusive baggage fees and alert e-mails to notify travelers of better deals

Cons: Expedia pricing offers fair to poor prices in major routes and have limited filters


Currently, is an online travel agency (OTAs)that stood out when they cut the prices off Air China from LAX to Hong Kong. The site is bashful with constant interstitial ads, popups and uncountable sidebar boxes.

Pros: Includes baggage fees and fare alert emails in case of offers and vacation package

Cons: Limited filters, provides average to poor results

ii) SeatGuru

This online booking agency leverages deep knowledge on plane configurations and therefore offers excellent details on amenities. Indeed, rates these services on a “G-Factor” comfort rating. The rated services are Wi-Fi, seatback TV, legroom and so on). However when it comes to pricing is an average site.

Pros: Wonderful details on bag fees and amenities and informed amenities rating

Con: Poor pricing performance


This online travel agency informs any site on the last-minute international fare with their “
“Super Saver” opaque fees to blind clients.

Pros: Opaque fares, seat selection map, vacation package and details on baggage deals

Cons: Not good at finding the best prices

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What to check when you first get your Rental car

A car rental, car hire or hire refers to agencies that rent automobiles for short duration. In most cases, car rental agencies have numerous branches that allow the user to return the vehicle to a different region.Worth noting is the fact that these car rental agencies are located around busy areas and near airports. Also, they are complemented by a website that allows online reservations.

Car rental agencies serve individuals who need the temporary vehicle and do not own their own, travelers out of town, people with damaged vehicles as they wait for repairs or insurance compensation. Additionally, car rental agencies also serve self-moving industry by renting trucks or vans, and in other cases, scooters or motorcycles may be offered. Other products that car rental agencies offer include global positioning system (GPS) navigating system, child safety seats, portableWi-Fi, mobile phones and entertainment systems.

Why are Car Rentals Important?

Car rental services are famous among users as they help an individual go at different places with ease.After arriving to a new place, one searches for rental car services as they are located along at airport exits and this makes locating them easy.

Rental car agencies also offer a different type of vehicles; big cars, small cosy cars, luxurious cars, budget cars and medium-sized cars.With such variants of vehicles, one is spoiled of choice to select the car that one feels they need their services. Additionally, these car charges per type of car whereby some are expensive due to the various amenities they have and others charge low rates since they are simple.

Unlike public vehicle services where you meet the rude driver, car rental agencies drivers are well behaved.They make sure their clients get all services and feel free while they are traveling. Another factor that makes car rentals important is because they are clean with proper air conditioner, car freshener and soothing music that makes the client feel relaxed. Event better, car rental services are available for 24 hours and even odd hours, clients can call them for an emergency.

6 Things to Check When You First Get Your Rental Car

To avoid jamming along the busy airport highway, below are 6 car rental checklist every time you spend in an unfamiliar vehicle.

  1. Check for tears, dings and scratches

If you notice your car has blemishes and scratches, take note and notify the agency manager because failure to do so the agency will hold you accountable.

  1. Start-up the car

Starting the car is important even if it wastes gas and pollute. Apart from helping the car warm-up, it is the best way of ensuring that the car is running well.

  1. Turn on the heat/Air conditioning

While still going on with your orientation program, turn the air conditioner and let the car cool down if it is hot or het up if it is a cold season. This ensures that you will be comfortable with your ride.

  1. Consult the map to see whether it is working appropriately

Whether it is a phone, GPS or a paper map, ensure all is well and formulate your intended route. If you are using a GPS, set it out correctly.

  1. Fix and align your mirrors

Check to see your side mirrors are well set. This saves you some heartbeat if you merge into heavy traffic.

  1. Locate the light and wipers

Because at some point it will get dark, know where your lights switches are located.Wipers are important if you are traveling in a wet-rainy season.


Through major online travel sites such as expedia, customers can easily book them even in advance and as such they there is no issue with last minute rush if the need for traveling arises. So, the customer can consider the time they need to travel and budget and select the best car that suits their need. Because car rental partners with the best big car makers; the car supplied are of top quality. In the end, car rentals offers the clients unmatched services.

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Tips and Tricks for Smart Air Travel

Travel can be a costly hobby—you have to decide where to stay, what to eat, what do see and do, and more importantly, how to get there, and all without breaking the bank. Flying is usually the priciest part of the trip, especially with all the extra luggage fees and other taxes that are required nowadays. Quirky flight routes, additional cost, and a more complex culture can throw off even the sharpest tourists. By navigating those can make the difference between a miserable time in the sky or great cheap vacation. The following are some best tips for flying the frugal skies.

Don’t get fooled by a sticker price

A cheap $39 flight might look good compared to an expensive $100 flight, but assume that the cheap flight will charge extra for anything and everything short of the air you breathe. Want to pick your seat? Checking a bag? Need a bigger seat? Check those additional prices, and then make your choice. Having a helpful chart of an airline’s respective charges lets you calculate quickly when comparison shopping.

Beware the unreliable layover turnaround times

Budget airlines like to overestimate their agility. If they present you a tiny-tight window for a connecting flight, give it a closer look. On a recent tour between Montreal and Berlin, one flight was postponed, leaving passengers on the plane with a connecting flight. Too-Good-To-Be-True turnaround time is often precisely that.

Booking international flights in local currency

If you own a travel credit card that doesn’t charge any fee on an international transaction, then it is sometimes cheaper to book in local currency when planning an international flight. Go to search settings on the airline’s website and choose to view the costs in Euros rather than USD. Use Google search which is quick and easy to convert USD to EUR, and it will reveal whether the price is lower or not.

Know when the upgrade is worth it

For long distance flights, choose a seat in advance and reserve room in your budget for a carry-on, if needed. If it’s a full route at a favorite time of day, maybe get priority boarding to make sure your luggage arrives in the overhead bin. But for flights which are less than four hours, maybe save your money. It’s just easier to put up with a middle seat in the back of the plane on a short trip.

Don’t check bags

This is your chance to travel light. Checking bags is costly, and should your bag be misplaced; customer service will be less than friendly. Sizing standards for carry-on baggage differ among European, North American, and other countries, so get yourself a small, sturdy bag. Sometimes rollers are rejected in the cabin, and if that happens, they’ll charge you with another fee.

Last but not least, the best deals for buying tickets come up during the week, partly because several people are buying them.

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